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"South Beach" hotel provides its guests with destinations, which will make their vacation in Bulgaria exciting.

If our guests are interested in buying gifts,or if they want to know more about Bulgaria they could make a visit to Burgas, to Sozopol, and to Nesebar, a UNESCO heritage village. There they can get in touch with our history in the museums and in the antique historical sights, which are abundant and most interesting. They could see many interesting places in our new resorts at the Black Sea.

The district City of Burgas is accessible by car and by bus.

If you are a man, who likes to be in touch with the nature, you could visit the river Ropotamo. You could discover this picturesque and divers river by taking a boat trip. A popular and unique sight on it is the stone figure "Lion head".

The natural park Arkutino” is not far from Ropotamo. There tourist can enjoy on of the most beautiful and rare flowers- the water lily (Nymphaea alba).

If you are interested in participating in sports, there are many different to chooses from: water ski; motor boats, water wheels, yacht; water glider; tennis; horse riding. There are also many paths by the Ropotamo River and in the “Stranga” Mountain that offer a peaceful surroundings perfect for a walk. Especially developed for children there are: fun-fair; an inflatable palace; basins;, slides, carousels and others.

You could go fishing and hunting. It will be a nice and relaxing get away in our charming nature.

You could go to the City of Bourgas by bus or by fixed route taxi. There is a bus station in Kiten. All buses to and from Carevo and Ahtopol stop there and you can use them. If you use fixed route taxies, You could visit many other towns like Chernomorec, Sozopol, Lozenec, Primorsko.

There are many small restaurants, fast foods dinners and night-clubs. There are many small markets where you could buy fresh fish, vegetables and fruits, produced by local producers.


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